Introducing Binder

Simply the best way to learn on iPad

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Take Control of the Classroom

Ensure your students are doing what they're suppose to, lock them into specific apps and get notified when cheating occurs.


Never Miss a Due Date

Our system tracks due dates, and if by chance you happen to forget a submission, we'll do it for you, automatically.


Remote Management

Built with Mobile Device Administration in mind, Binder allows you to remotely manage your school's iPads. Even if they're not at school (coming in June 2014).

Building a better educational experience

Binder is an incredible new way to use iPads in a school environment. With a stunning user interface Binder takes the daily activities of the classroom and puts it at the fingertips of teachers, students, administrators, and school IT admins.

We believe Binder has removed the barrier of technology in the classroom and we hope you love it as much as we did building it. Binder will be available for teachers, students and schools in January 2014.

By June 2014 Binder will consist of…

  • Note Taking
  • Test Taking
  • Handouts
  • Homework
  • Assignments
  • Binder Talk
  • Binder Store

If you are a school interested, please contact us below. We are excited to talk to you!

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Managing class has never been easier

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Simple, yet powerful

Binder allows instructors and students to manage their different classes in an incredibly simple way. The app includes many diverse features that facilitate the way instructors and students organize their classes.

Additionally, Binder tracks due dates in order to prevent students from missing or forgetting the submission of an assignment. With a single tap, students are redirected into the class where they can access all of their content from that particular class.

A Better Notebook

Digital notes, done right.

Binder comes built with an incredible free digital notebook designed for students in order to facilitate the way they take notes. The notebook allows students to type, write, and draw all while avoiding the usual problems of paper note taking such as missing papers.

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Tests are easy to create and take too

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Easy test administration

Test taking is not fun on iPad. Binder Tests allows for easy test creation, administration, submission, and grading all on iPad. Many services try to put test taking into their offering, but they often forget the way students take tests.

Binder changes all of that. Binder allows teachers to administer tests with a single tap, with a single tap to either all of their students in general or to students present in a particular class. Students can then fill out the test how they wish including the use of drawings; and they can submit it with the touch of a button. There are no files, no dropbox just a simple tap.

Take control. Stop cheating in its tracks.

Binder contains a new approach to solving cheating on iPad. If students try to leave the app during a test, the teacher will receive a push notification without the offending student's knowledge.

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